Stencils are thin sheets of card, plastic or metal that are used to apply words, designs or patterns to a surface. The stencil is the frame, once the desired motif has been cut out. Paint, usually spray-paint, is then applied to the stencil, to leave a lasting impresson on the surface.

There are manny commecial and industrial applications for stencilling. Stencils may be used to decorate the floor or a wall with a consistent pattern. Stencils are often used in signwriting or to reproduce logos and other branding elements with consistency. Shopping centres and large commecial and industrial areas usually require a number of safety signs, or signs directing activities. Stencils enable these signs to be written within minutes! -Though they may need time to dry. Visit Stencil Ease for more information.

Stencils can also be useful in marketing, especially for urban or anti-establishment brands; some city authorities and local councils permit spray painting and street art under certain conditions and in certain areas. Where permitted, stencilling may be a great option. Visit Steetfighter Media for more information.